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First Moon Party : An Introduction to Femininity & Womanhood

First menstrual cycles are considered to be a rite of passage to a young girls' translation into womanhood. First, it's important to note that all girls react to menstruation differently. Some are aware of it, anticipate every single change, and are vocal about it. Others are horrified, ignore it, and pretend like it isn't happening. But it's still essential to recognize the meaning of life transitions. Why not do it through a Village of other Friends, Moms, & Aunts who have all been through it themselves.

As women, insecurities we develop during puberty and adolescence directly influence our habits, beliefs, perspectives, and self-confidence we have as adult women. There can be a lot of anxiety and negativity projected onto a young girl if she is not properly informed & has no clue what is happening within her body. We are going to change that!

“A lot of women have had very negative experiences with their menstrual cycles just because they were never told about them. They don't know about their bodies, We created the “My 1st Moon” Parties for young girls so that they could grow up having a positive experience with the menstrual cycles.”

Unfortunately, A lot of girls learn how to use tampons for the very first time, from that little diagram inside of the (tampon) box … I wanted to change that experience for my daughters.

Our Village of Moms, Friends, & Aunt’s will celebrate monthly our your girls who have begun their first moon! It will be first, Major Fun! A true celebration! We will invite their friends who’ve already began their cycles along with a host of female friends & family’s to share stories & receive the proper education & supplies needed to set them up for a successful transition into womanhood!

Stay tuned for more details!

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C Johnson
C Johnson
Apr 13, 2022

Great idea! The Honey Pot is an excellent Black Woman - Owned line of menstrual products. The herbal liners are the best!

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